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Event and Funding Registration

Thank you for your interest in taking part in the 2020 Dunedin Puaka Matariki Festival, and applying for our contestable funding.


Please read the Registration and Funding Application Guide before you register or apply.

There are two parts to this form, the Event Registration and the Funding Application.

If you do not need funding for your event, please complete only the Event Registration Form.

It’s important you answer all the questions on this form, unless marked optional.  We will use your answers to questions 1‒10 to promote your event in the Festival programme. Please make sure these answers are suitable for publication. We will contact you before we publish the Festival programme to confirm that these details are still correct.

Event registrations and funding applications close at 5pm, Friday 1 May 2020.

No late applications will be accepted.

Part 1: Event Registration

The name of your event as it will be printed in the festival programme.
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If there is no roopū or organisation, please put "none"

Public contact details

Who can the public contact for information about your event? Please try to supply at least one form of contact. Remember these details are for public use:

If there is no public contact person, please put "none"
Please include "http://" or "https://". If there is no website associated with your event, please put "none"

The following questions are confidential and not for publication:

Primary Contact Person

Who is the primary contact for your event and what are their contact details? (Please complete all sections)

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City or town

Secondary Contact Person

Who is the secondary or alternative contact person for your event? (Optional)

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A few more questions:

To complete your Event Registration, please click the Submit button below. On the next screen you will be given the option to choose to complete a Funding Application.